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Optimizing Your Theme

Lesson 2

Let's get our theme installed and looking good! Take a while and click around to get familiar with where the settings are. 

Pause my tutorials and click around to get familiar with the navigational interface.

- Philip Borrowman


If you are following along with my Action Plan and have a basic site with only a handful of blog posts, then you are OK to proceed.

This is because you have a super basic template and no custom coding or any additional plugins.

When you activate the Shapeshifter theme, as I show you in this video, you are changing the entire structure of every page, post and coding on your site.

If you have an existing website which you created outside of the TAO Action Plan then do NOT follow what I am doing. Doing so will remove any custom coding, CSS scripts and mess up your blog post layouts.

You must watch the official 4-part course from Thrive Themes which show you "How to Switch Your Site to Thrive Theme Builder". (you need to log in to Thrive to access this training)

This will ensure you know exactly what to do to prepare for a migration to Thrive Suite + the Thrive Shapeshifter Theme.

Full Thrive Suite Playlist

Click the button below to go to the Thrive Themes YouTube channel where they have a HUGE playlist specifically for the Theme Builder/Shapeshifter plugin. 

These will help you see the full potential of what you can do with this amazing theme.