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Only Choose One Social Media Account

Lesson 1

This video will illustrate my thinking behind the importance of focusing ALL your attention on one social platform.

People often make the mistake of wasting time and spreading themselves too thin. If you want to build a loyal and engaging following you need to spend your time with them.

What is the point in having 5 social media account if you only have time to engage and create content for one? Why spread your attention half baked over 5 separate accounts?

Links to articles about audience targeting and which social media platforms are best suited for specific niches!

Which Social Media Platform is Best For Your Business?

Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use for Your Business?

Congrats! You're Finished!

You have finished the "Choosing One Social Account" section of the Action Plan!

You are now ready to move onto the next part of the training which is the "Building Your Foundation - Step 5". Here you will build the framework of your business and get your business up and running!

PSST! - Don't forget to use the Progress Tracker to keep a record of where you are inside the Action Plan!

  • says:

    If we go for Facebook – should we create a Page or a Group?

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Hey! Sorry for the late reply. In general, I would say you should create a page. I have created a “group” for my TAO members but that is because it is a community and support, as opposed to a page to display my articles, products and promotions.

      What niche are you in?

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