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SEO & Blogging Bootcamp

Lesson 7

"SEO can be a horribly confusing topic. This checklist will help you take a baby steps you need to move forward with your business.

Do not overthink the process. Follow along and if you feel confused then watch all the modules again to re-cap and get a new perspective on this entire module."

- Philip Borrowman


I bet you are quite overwhelmed by all these points and terminology of SEO.

Do not worry, this is just a summary video. By the end of this module I show you how to do every step of a blog post creation.

Once you have watched all the tutorial inside Step 6 go back and watch them all again before you write your first blog post. 

It will become second nature very soon.

  • Loren G says:

    Wow! Philip, My head is swimming! This SEO & Blogging Bootcamp training is the best I have come across! Philip knows what he’s talking about because he has been able to test drive this system to the point that he has a plan down pat that he uses every day he says. When I am through with this training I will be getting on the ban wagon and upgrade to the next phase of this program.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Glad to hear it. I am super excited to work through the remaining of the action plan. Going to be a lot of fun and hopefully have great results.

  • Pen