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SEO Friendly Site

Lesson 4

What You Will Do:
  • Add a site title and tagline to your site.
  • Change the permalink as I show you if your site is brand new.
  • Add the All In One SEO plugin and change the settings as I show you.
  • Delete old plugins and update any that needs updating.
  • If you have an existing website with lots of content, do NOT change your permalink structure. Only do this if your site is brand new and has no content on it. For existing sites, leave the permalink structure as it is.

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  • Caelan V says:

    Hey Philip btw I got my tools I need finally to build a website so I can do this xD but here’s the kicker going to record every step and making a how to series on my internet channel with some recommended products to use so there yeah go ?

  • Loren G says:

    I just love Philip Barrowman’s TAO training modules because he leaves no stone unturned in his training modules. I have been around computers for a number of years, but this SEO was a scary thing for me, but after following the SEO module it was really quite easy! Thanks once again Philip.

  • Charles L says:

    Looks like All In One SEO pack now requires payment. Am I missing something?

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