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Social Media & YouTube Explained

Lesson 2

Sorry about the poor audio in this video. I forgot to turn the mic ON!! We are all human. You can still hear it so it's fine.  

- Philip Borrowman

Facebook & YouTube:

I will be covering these topics later in the Action Plan as these require much more detailed tutorials AND they operate very differently from forums, Q&A platforms and blogging platforms such as Reddit, Quora and Medium.


Reddit and Quora are MUCH stricter about what you can post on their platforms.

BUT the traffic is much easier to get because it is "searched" based.

This makes it much easier to get traffic and for beginners to be noticed. It is a nice trade off.

However, on Facebook, the natural/organic reach is at an all time low and it's a "pay to play" platform.


YouTube is a search engine in it's own right and has EPIC traffic potential. This means I am creating a whole module just on this one topic later in the Action Plan. 

There are so many ways to be discovered, searched for and get increased exposure on YouTube, which is fantastic. It's definitely my favorite platform.