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Time For YOU To Choose Your Page

Lesson 6

Extra Ninja Pro Tip + Wake Up Call.

Do not invite all your friends and family to come and like you page or group.

Do not invite random people to join you or follow you.

They WILL NOT engage or care about your content. Your audience MUST be targeted.

  • BERNARD L says:

    Hi Philip, me again. To clarify on this strategy, will it be OKIE if we just register and create all 3 platforms 1st and once we have to build up the 20-30 contents in the next 3 months, then we can choose the suitable platform to build up the followers?

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      No need. If you are only going to choose one then just choose one in 3 months. The key here to save time. By creating 3 account, you are doing exactly the opposite of what I am saying in this video, even if you do not add any content.

  • Pen