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Watch Me Choose & Setup My Facebook Page

Lesson 5

Pages are business-oriented, groups are interest-oriented. 

I am going to create a Facebook Group because I feel that will offer the best options for me to engage with my audience.

- Philip Borrowman

Here is the link to the article I mention. Facebook Page vs Group: Which is Better for your Business

In the next video, YOU will create your account.

Extra Ninja Pro Tip + Wake Up Call.

Do not invite all your friends and family to come and like you page or group.

Do not invite random people to join you or follow you.

They WILL NOT engage or care about your content. Your audience MUST be targeted.

  • Caelan V says:

    What boards do you recommend for a abandoned/urban exploring channel on Pinterest also what ones would you recommend for internet marketing? Confused on this part because am curious about it

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      I have no idea. I do not use Pinterest. It would NOT be a good place for these niches. Follow my training. Do NOT have multiple niches and websites. Focus on one.

  • Christina S says:

    FYI – the link to the FB page vs group article is no longer valid – it ends up at a 404 page.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Hey! Thanks for the heads up. For some reason that article is no longer secure and does not load. Strange. I have changed the link to another article.

  • Pen