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Why Does Warrior+, JVZoo & ClickBank Sell Crappy Products?

Lesson 7

Wake Up & See The Truth

These platforms are there as a middleman only. They provide the platform from which vendors can sell their products.

There are virtually NO entry requirements for vendors to set up shop on these marketplaces. 

This means this is the "wild west" and you are taking a real risk when you buy from these platforms.


95% of the products on W+, JVZoo and ClickBank in the MMO (make money online) are gimmicks and a newbie trap which are designed to burn their customers, nothing more.

These products are cash cows for the vendor and marketplaces but they sell them because that's their business, in the same way that the 99c Store sells plastic garbage these platforms sell crappy information products and software.


There are a few golden nuggets on these platforms that are worth promoting.

I do promote products from W+, JVZoo and ClickBank but they are few and far between because finding great products is difficult.

  • TANIA Y says:

    Philip everything you say is correct about these platforms. I’ve been through the mill buying useless products as a newbie. All you end up doing is emptying your pockets and making these charlatans rich!

    When you are a newbie there is a massive learning curve to negotiate and I’ve come across many who have gone down a similar route. Relying on unethical marketers until they wise up. It takes a little pain to realise you are being taken for a ride! You do have to acknowledge this though otherwise you keep on rinsing and repeating the same errors. The main motivation is greed that keeps you on the road to nowhere! Once you realise there is no magic bullet and that it is hard work to get a business up and running that’s when most people either give up or get stuck in!

  • Caelan V says:

    What a nice refresher got a coming out next week about and actually got approved to promote it so not just warrior plus and jvzoo stuff xD

  • Pen