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Why YouTube Differs from Google

Lesson 4

There is a clear difference between how search terms are shown on Google and YouTube.

Google is much more rigid and less forgiving, whereas YouTube is much more flexible and open to exploration.

- Philip Borrowman


Google is an absolute search platform. Whatever is shown on page one is there and that is it. There is no real "exploration" or "suggested" content that people can explore without the user taking initiative and scrolling down past page one.

This means it is much harder to get traffic without being on page one.


YouTube is MUCH better at giving small people a chance to be seen as your videos are shown in many different location due to the "exploration" nature of video.

Even if you video does not rank, it can and will be show in people's sidebar/suggested videos and on their homepage. You also get social shares and the potential for others to embed your video on their blog.