Digital Nomad Group (LITE)

true Mentorship, true progress and real results. EXCLUSIVE to my ATB alumni ONLY!

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You missed out!

Unlimited Access To Philip - Really!

You get 100% unlimited access to me - 7 Days A Week

PM me on Skype or send me an email and have your problems solved in a matter of minutes. (no video calls)

I know that the No.1 problem for beginners is stopping at the hurdles which hit you on a daily basis due to the uncertainty of NOT knowing what to do. It cripples you! ?

That is why my top students message me as much as 50+ times per week with questions and concerns, and I help them move forward.

The main reason you are failing is uncertainty and not being able to move past hurdles where you don't know what to do.

This problem is now solved, when you become a DNG (lite) member.

Note - this image is from my full time DN Group. The DNG [LITE] group call will take place in the same format using WebinarJam as we did during ATB. I point this out cause otherwise people think they have to appear on camera. You are not appearing on camera for our monthly group calls. ??

Monthly Group Calls

We are a VERY friendly bunch!

Doing this "online thing" is a lonely business. 

Most of our friends and family do not "get" what we are trying to do.

Every month we will have a LONG Q&A session and educational webinar where I will show you directly how to overcome all your hurdles.

In the audience you will ALSO have my full time DNG students who will also offer help and support.

I will answer all your questions and show you click for click what to do.

You will get REAL guidance, not just words, so you can overcome all your problems.

I will share insider tips, tricks and resources in every single webinar so you will have an upper hand.

Imagine having the reassurance to know you can continue your ATB training and really dig into the modules and have purpose in your online journey???!!!

My Goal:

"I want to provide an affordable alternative to the full time digital nomad group... so the DNG LITE has been born!"

I want to remove ALL obstacles for you. On a daily basis, as a beginner marketer, you have dozens of questions, concerns and points you need clarity about. That is what I want to give you.

Too many newbies quit for no other reason than they "can't figure something out" which is such a shame because most people do have the technical skills needed but they lack the guidance.

Philip Borrowman

Creator Of Taking Action Online

True Mentorship & Guidance

Work At Your Own Pace

You can work at your own pace and learn as you go.

This is not a race and if you need extra time you can take all the time you need.

Business Partnerships

There is a HIGH chance that at some point in the future you may collaborate with another member in the group. 

Either they can promote you, or you can promote them. Or, perhaps, you could create a product together!

A True Community

You have the full support from ALL DNG members, regardless of location or membership level.

You all know how supportive our Facebook group is and that is extended to all of you.

You are building true lifetime friends here.

Access To Previous DNG Lite Session Included

Session No.1 (October)

  • 10x Targeted Keywords
  • Keeping Going After ATB - Finding Reviews
  • The Simple Traffic Blueprint (Secret Weapon)
  • Tutorial On Landing Page Editing
  • Let's DO A LIVE Review Together
  • Wake Up Call & Reality Check
  • Q&A!

Session No.2 (November)

  • Advanced Email Marketing (follow up automations and list separator)
  • Downloadable Automation
  • Template Provided.
  • How to Promote Different Products.
  • 50 More Targeted Keywords! (Affiliate Marketing Keywords)
  • Review Access To My NEXT Launch! (Simple SEO Blueprint)
  • Live Example Review!
  • Q&A!

Session No.3 (December)

  • How To Develop A Killer Bonus Package
  • How To Deliver The Bonus
  • A DFY Bonus Package (Included In Your Membership Fee)
  • A 30 Min 1-1 Call With Me! (Booking link will be shared)
  • Channel Critique (HOT SEAT) - Hepworth + Victor
  • Another 50 Killer Keywords
  • Q&A!

Session No.4 (January)

  • How To Find Evergreen Products
  • How To Create Evergreen Reviews
  • The No.1 Ranking Metric Revealed!
  • Expand Your Niche Knowledge...
  • Q&A!

Session No.5 (February 22nd 8 PM GMT)

You will be invited to come and join this when you become a DNG lite member.

  • Done For You: Affiliate Emails: 50 Fill-In-The-Blank Templates
  • Bonus Galore: Offering White Label Software As Bonuses
  • Hyper-growth Engagement: Supercharge Your Personal Connection With Audience
  • Overview: New Membership Community Platform
  • Q&A

Continuous Support

I want to take as much of the confusion and information overload out of the equation for you. Therefore I do a lot of the hard work for you by giving you continuous support. All your concerns and questions will be answered as you research and learn.

Concerns and Queries

When you research topics, you have a lot of concerns and questions...

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and never quite sure if what you say in your videos is correct?

Perhaps you need reassurance that your authority is on point when you are treading on new territory?

Send me a quick PM and I can put your mind at rest in minutes.

Understanding Strategies & Vendors

Making reviews can be hard when you don't fully understand the product in question and leads to frustration and confusion.

What's good? What's bad? 

I will help you understand products so you do not have to feel concerned about your own ability to dissect the product in a critical way.

Also, if you do not fully understand certain strategies or traffic methods I can explain them to you in a flash.

Content Ideas - Going Past Just Making Reviews

Finding content ideas on your own?? Nightmare! Again, this leads to procrastination and feelings of despair.

I am always throwing out ideas for content, and I will make sure you get them as well. 

I will tell you exactly what to include or what to be aware of so you don't have to think or feel concerned about "am I saying the right thing???".

This means you avoid mistakes and you can focus on making content and growing your business.

The Price Is Listed Below:

The value here is insane.

You are entering a whole other level of training which you will never be able to find anywhere else online. 

Summary of membership & benefits:

  • 1 Group Call Per Month
  • Access to 4x recorded dNG lite webinar from October, november, december and january. See above for details of webinar content.
  • Lifetime Access to Taking Action Online + All Future Launches + All Drop In DNG Webinars (Normally $59.99 each!)*
  • 100s Highly Targeted Keywords + Instructional Videos
  • Content Tutorial - Monthly Ideas/Generation Guides
  • A Loyalty Discount To The FULL Digital Nomad Membership (Up To 50%)**
  • First Dibs On Any Available Spots For The FULL DNG Membership
  • Insider tips and tricks to resources, lead magnet, quality products and sales angles!
  • video Optimization tips. Video/channel critiquing and more!

*This only applies to launches where the combined funnel/product is valued at less than $500. This does not include any coaching groups or 1-1 coaching.

*DNG Drop in sessions are a new product where people can pay to watch my DNG (FULL) webinars at $59.99 per person. These will be EXTREMELY LIMITED but you will always get free access as a member of the DNG (lite)

**For every month’s membership, an equivalent discount is accumulated for the FULL DNG membership’s up front joining fee. Meaning, if you have been a member for the “DNG lite” for 10 months, you will get a $1970 (10x monthly fee) discount on the one-time fee of the FULL DNG. Up to 50% of the total upfront fee. No discount will be given to monthly fee of FULL DNG. Note - the full time DNG is "by invite only" and I only invite people who I feel would have the skillset to thrive in my full time coaching. Note - this accumulative discount is exchangeable, refundable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.



Do the math. The monthly fee works out at $6.56 per day. It's the equivalent of you buying me a cuppa coffee in the morning.

This is an ongoing payment of $197 per month.

Please note - there are no refunds.

Please ensure you read the Term And Conditions of this purchase.


You missed out!


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