Explode Your YouTube Traffic With Parallel Content Creation. Trigger The YouTube Algorithm To Snowball Your Views + How To Profit From This "Guaranteed" Traffic!

Webinar Replay: Session #2

You will see/uncover:

  • Detailed overview of the strategy.
  • Detailed overview of how to profit using this strategy.
  • Detailed LIVE examples of this strategy in ACTION.
  • Detailed overview of how to trigger the YT algorithm to make this strategy work for you.
  • A full Q&A!
  1. Make videos for your channel to get the ball rolling. (stick to your niche)
  2. Keep an eye on your tags and see if you rank for anything that is “related/unrelated”.
  3. Find a tag. (This is the title of your next “parallel” video)
  4. Watch the original video to plan a “better” video.
  5. Create a great CTA/offer. (20/20 Hindsight)
  6. Take your time and plan out a great video knowing it is going to get traffic!
  7. Make the video.
  8. Rinse and repeat!


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