A $3,000 Promotion Campaign:
Understand The "Why" And The "How" To Achieve 40% Conversion Rates And Huge Paydays!

Webinar Replay: Session #1. 

This is the full replay of the "$3,000 Promotion Campaign" webinar which was the first DNG Drop In Session.

Click here to download resource pack which includes all the templates from the workshop.

If you do not have Thrive Architect, then check it out here. Here is a tutorial on importing the templates I have.

Here are the links to the review page, value page and bonus page. Make note of how simple the design is. Basic but effective.

Below is the screenshot of my sales BEFORE I added the bonus. You do NOT need bonuses to make sales. Does it help, of course! But it is a lot of work making bonuses. 

Do not fall into the trap of buying cheap PLR to "save time" because your audience does not like it!

GetResponse Tutorial

This is a detailed tutorial which shows you exactly how to replicate my automation that I used in my $3,000 promotion.

If you have not got a GR account then you can create on here and use the downloadable template I created for you.


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