re-grouping: Reminder of why we are here

We are here to grow together and support each other. Community is vital. Watch these 5 videos and check the tasks below:

This page + videos were created on 7th August...

“This literally is a life-changing group of marketers. Think 5 years ahead and consider the possibilities.”

Things are not always what they appear...

In the last few weeks, a few have voiced their frustration at seeing others succeed while they are not moving forward... so I asked Richard, Bryan and Ken to make a video to illustrate that they are still struggling, despite their recent success.

Richard really struggles with his mindset, despite the recent success, and he pushes through daily hurdles to continue his growth...

Bryan will help you, if you ask, because he understands and shares the frustration of this journey to success...

Ken is struggling, just like you, despite having seen recent success...

THERE is 1 More video! Keep Scrolling!

Immerse yourself in the group!

One key element here is this: I want everyone in the group to engage more with each other. Encourage each other and use the group for support and guidance.

  • Post Inside The Skype Group Chat.  When you are struggling then tell us!! If you need some guidance on content then tell us! Post inside the group and let us help you get over the hurdles.
  • Watch, Comment & Seek Inspiration. I want you to post every video you make inside the FB group. Watch other member's videos as well and see what they are doing. Leave constructive cititicism and seek inspiration.
  • YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN - Do not feel like you are interupting or being a pain. I am here to help, that is what I do. I understand it can be hard to ask for help, but please try.
  • Do Not Isolate Yourself. When you shut yourself away and don't ask questions, I cannot help you. When you ignore my announcements, don't open the videos I post and ignore everyone in the group we cannot help you.

I speak with everyone on a 1-1 basis so I get a 360 degree view, and guess what... 

“You ALL suffer from the same feelings inadequacy and insecurity”

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