Every month, as part of the Taking Action Online premium membership, Philip hosts LIVE workshops to share implementation strategies, secrets tips and more.

These 100% educational workshops are designed to work hand in hand with the Action Plan and the Strategy Guides to help you move forward, grow as a marketer and see real progress.


Turbo Charge Affiliate Marketing Success

Learning Outcome When You Attend This Workshop

  • Uncovered: How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
  • Harsh Truth: The Secret To Online Success
  • Revealed: How To Work Through The Action Plan
  • Revealed: 20 Min Productivity Hack So YOU Get Shit DONE!
  • Revealed: Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?
  • Revealed: Get The Support You Need 24/7
  • Secret: Accountability Formula To Ensure YOU See Forward Momentum
  • Full Q&A


Bonus Creation Hack – All Niches

Learning Outcome When You Attend This Workshop

  • Uncovered: 3 Ways To Make KILLER Bonuses For Any Offer In Any Niche Quickly & Easily
  • No.1 – Free Method
  • No.2 – Inexpensive Method
  • No.3 – Professional Method
  • Revealed: You will understand how to make a bonus your audience will love and add 10x value to your affiliate offer.
  • Revealed: You will understand why these bonuses 10X your profits of future promotions.
  • Secret: Discover a secret tip on using bonuses to increase conversions and engagement.
  • Full Q&A


Lead Magnet Creation Galore

Learning Outcome When You Attend This Workshop

  • Uncovered: How To Create Effortless Lead Magnets
  • Harsh Truth: Why Your Lead Magnet SUCKS!
  • Revealed: Outsourcing The Design
  • Revealed: Setting Up Delivery
  • Revealed: Making Money From Lead Magnet
  • Secret: Separating Yourself From The Mediocre Lead Magnets & 10x Your Authority
  • Full Q&A


Making Money – Running a 4 Figure Promotion

Learning Outcome When You Attend This Workshop

  • Uncovered: The Untold Truth Of Email Promotions
  • Revealed: Creating The Funnel
  • Revealed: How To Set Up Email Automation
  • Downloads: Bridge Page Templates
  • Secret: Why Your Promotions Do Not Convert!
  • Full Q&A


Product Creation from Start to Finish

Learning Outcome When You Attend This Workshop

  • Learning Outcome When You Attend This Workshop
  • In this workshop you will see Philip build a simple course he will sell as a vendor.
  • You will see a real life example of how to create a course from start to finish.
  • You will understand exactly how to relates to Step 18 inside Action Plan.
  • You will see ALL the steps involved with a real example.
  • Full Q&A

Future JumpStart workshops planned. Fresh workshops planned every month all year.

These workshops are hosted every month inside the Premium TAO. Pure education with no sales.

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