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Revealed... Leverage local businesses to generate simple & recurring COMMISSIONS.

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Steps To Make This Strategy Work:


Approach local businesses via social media, email or in person. Use the proven scripts and promotional material provided by this training to sell your services. The promotional material will make it impossible for the local business owner to turn your down.


When they agree to work with you, you set up a super simple Facebook ad, everything is shown inside the training, to drive highly targeted traffic to a special funnel which take 20 minutes to set up.


You charge the business owner a monthly fee of roughly $500 per month to run this advert 24/7. The best part is that this requires little to no maintenance as the ad itself is evergreen and can be run for months at a time without changing anything.

“I am going to be implementing this strategy myself, and I am going show the first 50 people exactly how I am going to do this!”

Philip Borrowman

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