Digital Nomad Group

true Mentorship, true progress and real results. This continues the journey from the advanced traffic blueprint.

Please note - there are no refunds.

Please ensure you read the Term And Conditions of this purchase and the commitment you need to make to remain a member.

Unlimited Access To Philip - Really!

You get 100% unlimited access to me - 7 Days A Week

You have the ability to book 1-1 Skype calls with me at will during the on-boarding period (3 months). With 3 clicks you will have a time slot booked.

Failing that, you can PM me on Skype and have your problems solved in a matter of minutes.

I know that the No.1 problem for beginners is stopping at the hurdles which hit you on a daily basis due to the uncertainty of NOT knowing what to do. It cripples you! ?

That is why my top students message me as much as 50+ times per week with questions and concerns, and I help them move forward.

The main reason you are failing is uncertainty and not being able to move past hurdles where you don't know what to do.

This problem is now solved, when you become a DNG member.

Monthly Group Calls

We are a VERY friendly bunch!

Doing this "online thing" is a lonely business. 

Most of our friends and family do not "get" what we are trying to do.

Having others around you to brainstorm with or to simply discuss ideas with really helps!

We have regular meetings where Philip discusses strategy developments, new funnel ideas and does a continuous Q&A.

These meetings are the starting blocks for long term business relationships and friendships which will net you HUGE paydays in the future.

These meetings are the building blocks of future collaborations, partnerships and more.

Do you have to be on camera and be a super sociable person? No! You do not. 


We respect your privacy. You can easily simply watch and absorb and be a silent participant. ?

Meet Me In Person + Taking Action Online Conference

Meet me in person as part of the package.

When I first started this group I knew I needed to do something drastic to show my dedication and seriousness of what I am building.

I decided to make a promise to all my students:

"I will come and meet you in person, wherever you are in the world. Even if it costs me an arm and a leg"

Why did I decide to do this? Why would I spend so much and put myself through the hell of travelling so much?

Well, it really is quite simple. 

I am investing everything I have back into this group to help you grow. We are growing together. If you grow, I grow....

I wanted to show YOU that this was not another gimmick or half assed "guru training" where you bought some solo ads and hoped for the best.

I wanted to make sure YOU knew how serious I was about this group.

Even at $15 per hour. I am sure you can work out that my travels are a HUGE monetary loss for me but I am willing to do it because what I teach works!

I want to make sure that the people understand the seriousness of this opportunity which is staring you right in the face.

All you have to do is say "OKAY!" and move forward one day at a time.

Not only that, but the plan is to have a Taking Action Online conference where ALL the DNG members will come together and meet each other.

This will present a golden opportunity for everyone to meet in person and build long lasting relationships with each other.

The time and date for this conference has not been set but when I get more than 5 members of the DNG group to a full time income status, I will make the arrangements.

I will invite other top marketers to join us and give presentations to help you discover more implementation strategies and methods you can use to grow your business.

Not only will this represent a great networking opportunity but you will be inspired by others and sharing stories you cannot get over Skype.

Mark my words when I tell you that one single handshake and 5 min conversation with a fellow marketer can net you $1000s in sales because of the bond you form.

Networking is a huge part of what we do. 

You gain such a beautiful perspective when working with others and sharing ideas which you CANNOT get when you are alone.

This group, whether you connect online or at the conference, will be a priceless asset to all of us in the long term.

I really hope you understand the value of this when you become a DNG member. 

My Goal:

"I Want to teach YOU how to become an independent successful marketer with valuable connections and a real business."

I want to remove ALL obstacles for you. On a daily basis, as a beginner marketer, you have dozens of questions, concerns and points you need clarity about. That is what I want to give you.

Too many newbies quit for no other reason than they "can't figure something out" which is such a shame because most people do have the technical skills needed but they lack the guidance.

Philip Borrowman

Creator Of Taking Action Online

True Mentorship & Full-Time Guidance

Deep Funnel - HUGE EPCs

We have a DEEP funnel creation tutorial with products to promote and a HUGE Earnings-Per-Click already proven.

Step By Step On-Boarding

There is a COMPLETE 7 Phase On-boarding process so you will not feel lost or isolated. These are accompanied by multiple 1-1 calls with Philip to keep you on track.

Video Editing Tutorials

We have an extensive collection of tips and tricks for making your videos a LOT more professional with animation, talking head bubbles and graphics AND MORE.

Work At Your Own Pace

You can work at your own pace and learn as you go. This is not a race and if you need extra time you can take all the time you need.

Business Partnerships

There is a HIGH chance that at some point in the future you may collaborate with another member in the group. 

Either they can promote you, or you can promote them. Or, perhaps, you could create a product together!

A True Community

We have a 24/7 Skype group chat where you can get immediate help.

We also have a 24/7 video chat room where you can hang out, exchange ideas and build friendships.

Ken Furukawa

Ken is one of the ORIGINAL DNG members and joined in August of 2019.

Within 10 months of starting the training in October of 2019, he had his first $2,000 month.

By month 12, he had made over $12,000 in commissions and the growth is continuous!

 You can click here to see his Facebook Post.

Bryan Toder

Bryan Toder joined the DNG in October of 2019 and made fantastic progress. In the first 10 month he also managed to get to his first $2,000 month using the guidance and teachings inside the DNG. 

By month 12, he had made over $12,000 in commissions and the growth is continuous!

Click here to read his Facebook about his success.

Richard Darby

Richard is one of the ORIGINAL DNG members and joined in August of 2019.

Amazingly enough, he ALSO had his first $2,000 month after 10 months of starting the training in October 2019.

You can click here to read his Facebook post about his journey.

*Unlimited 1-1 Skype Training

You get 100% unlimited access to me - 7 Days A Week

You can book a 1-1 video call with me at any time from Monday To Friday. Weekends you can PM.

During our call we can go over anything and everything you are not sure about. Things you need clearing up or if you need direct help editing a page or making a video.

You literally have complete access to me 1 to 1.

To put this into perspective: If you called me and asked for a 1 hour consultation, you would be charged $299+ at a bare minimum, up to $999 (depending on the complexity)

*unlimited access is during the first 3 months of on-boarding. After, you get one 1-1 call per month - but that point you will not need any more.

There are many fresh members who are loving the training and already making great progress!

You are finally with people who understand the frustration you are going through. Other entrepreneurs who will help and support you AND grow alongside you.

Lorraine joined the DNG group in July of 2020

Kim Wolfe joined the DNG in May Of 2020

Peter Byrne

Peter is one of the ORIGINAL DNG members and joined in August of 2019!

Dennis Wright

Dennis is one of the ORIGINAL DNG members and joined in October of 2019!

Expert Tutorials

JayKay Dowdall

JayKay has created an extensive 5 hour tutorial on how to run Facebook ads specifically for our offers.

This level of detail is something which you cannot get anywhere else as this is tailor made for the DNG.

Adam Payne

Adam created an extensive YouTube ads course to demonstrate how you should run VERY cheap ads for our lead magnet.

Again, this is the type of laser targeted training you would have to pay $1000s for if you wanted it for yourself.

Future Experts

In 2022, I am planning on bringing in outside experts to talk to my DNG about copywriting, email marketing and more.

This ensures you get in-depth insight into advanced marketing strategies.

Done-For-You - Products To Sell

You have a whole funnel full of products which you can sell for huge commissions + recurring commissions. You also have high ticket offers which pay as much as $5,000!

  • The products have incredible feedback and are incredibly high quality. You have bought them yourself, so you know the type of training we are talking about.
  • The products have super high EPC (earnings per click) to ensure you can focus your attention on growing your YouTube channel.
  • You will also get an inside look into the creation of fresh products. You get to see them being developed right in front of your eyes with draft versions and more.
  • You also get to have your say with direct input from you to make the products better and more valuable to our customers.
  • These products are evergreen and continuously updated and improved on.

Suzanne Stoddart

Suzanne joined in August of 2020...

Paul Pecoskie

Paul joined the Digital Nomad Group in March 2020... 

7 Phase - 80+ Step Funnel Setup Creation Checklist (Step By Step)

There is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to set up your highly converting funnel for the DNG.

At a glance, this does seem super intimidating but do not let this worry you.

Remember, you have been invited because you have what it takes.

Also, you have Philip and the whole DNG group here 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have.

Access to Thrive Suite Tools

As part of the monthly fee you also get access to the full Thrive Suite membership which would normally cost you $30 per month.

This suite includes 10 plugins, including the page builder, which you need to run your business.

Other Software Included In Price Of Memebership

You also, get access to Provely and PressPlay which would normally cost you $35+/month.

I am always on the lookout for fresh software which are relevant and will help you. I do not add any software "just cause they are shiny", they have no purpose.

I only add tools which are useful. Within the next year, I aim to add 2 or 3 more tools to increase conversions for you.

Work At Your Own Pace

One key part of this group is that you can work as much as you want.

You can work at your own pace and get the help you need when you need it. There is no set hourly time frame you need to commit to.

Obviously, more is better! ?

However, if you have a slow week or you can only work part time that is absolutely fine!

Kerie Hinchliffe

Kerie is a brand new members of the DNG group who joined in July of 2020!

Kerie's progress has been fantastic! In just a few months she has already started generating a GROWING income.

Click here to read her post.

Garry Baker

Garry is one of the ORIGINAL DNG members and joined in October of 2019!

Garry first joined Taking Action Online in May of 2019 and subsequently joined my first coaching in June of 2019.

On October 1st 2019, he was one the ORIGINAL DNG members!

Click here to read Garry's post!

EXCLUSIVE right to promote Taking Action Online (value = Priceless)

As a member of the DNG group, you have exclusive rights to promote Taking Action Online and earn recurring commissions on the membership fee. 50% Recurring.

Not only that, but you also get the first 12 Steps Of TAO as your lead magnet.

EXCLUSIVE right to promote Nomad Group!

(Value = Priceless)

As a member of the DNG group, you have exclusive rights to promote The Digital Nomad Group and earn 50% commission on the front end purchase.

This means you can earn $5,000 per sale for anyone who joins via your affiliate link.

EXCLUSIVE right to promote Simple Traffic Blueprint! (Value = Priceless)

STB was created specifically for the Nomad Group to promote. This is a 100% tailor made product which offer you the perfect tripwire product and has an amazing EPC.

The sales page converts at over 15% and has glorious reviews and customer feedback.

EXCLUSIVE right to promote the 7 Day Challenge (Value = Priceless)

The 7 Day Challenge is a bolt-on to STB and, once again, is exclusive to the DNG to promote. As a tester we released the first 50 copies at a discounted price and sold out in less then 3 hours. The feedback so far has been incredible!

EXCLUSIVE right to promote the Simple SEO Blueprint (Priceless)

Another exclusive product for my DNG to promote. 

The Simple SEO Blueprint is a beginner friendly SEO program designed to show online marketers how to leverage simple and effective strategies to deliver consistent targeted traffic from Google.

EXCLUSIVE right to promote The Advanced Traffic Blueprint (Priceless)

The Advanced Traffic Blueprint was created exclusively for the DNG to promote. This serves as a mid/high ticket offer, priced at $500/$997, and commissions are 50%.

So far we have done over $70,000 in sales for this product, which is incredible.

The feedback from the students has been phenomenal and many DNG students have had their first $1,000 day thanks to this product.

Riki Hoople

Riki joined the DNG in August of 2020. Listen to what he thinks about anyone who may want to join!

George Drum

George is one of the original members of the DNG from October of 2019! He is still with us over a year later!

The Price Is Listed Below:

The value here is insane.

You are entering a whole other level of training which you will never be able to find anywhere else online. 



6 Month Payment Plan


This is a 6 month commitment. After 6 months you have the option to continue at $249/m. T&C apply.

Option 2: 

ONe Time Full payment

One time payment

$9,997 One Time 

After 6 months you have the option to continue at $249/m. T&C apply.

Summary of membership & benefits:

  • Done-For-You - Landing Pages - $97
  • Done-For-You - Bridge Pages - $97
  • Done-For-You - Email Automation - $97
  • Done-For-You - Content Ideas - $197/m
  • Done-For-You - Products To Sell - $15,000+
  • Done-For-You - High Ticket Offers - Priceless!
  • Continuous training updates. ($200/hour)
  • Unlimited access to Philip. ($200/hour!)
  • Expert tutorials. $1,000/$3000 each!
  • Product Creation Tutorials. ($200/hour)
  • Access to Thrive Suite Membership Tools ($200+/year)
  • Access to Taking Action Online. ($500/year)
  • EXCLUSIVE right to promote Simple Traffic Blueprint! (Priceless)
  • EXCLUSIVE right to promote Nomad Group! (Priceless)
  • EXCLUSIVE right to promote The Advanced Traffic Blueprint (Priceless)
  • EXCLUSIVE right to promote The Simple SEO Blueprint (Priceless)
  • PLR Content Included With PLR Rights - Value $997

Payment  Options:

Monthly Payments

This is a 6 month commitment. After 6 months you have the option to continue at $249/m. T&C apply.

One Time

After 6 months you have the option to continue at $249/m. T&C apply.

Please note - there are no refunds.

 Please ensure you read the Term And Conditions of this purchase and the commitment you need to make to remain a member.


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