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Become a lifetime member and NEVER pay a monthly fee again!

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You are currently paying:
$24.95p/m = $300p/year!

Become a lifetime member and NEVER pay a monthly fee again!

As A "Thank you"

As a thank you for becoming a lifetime member you will get a 45% discount on ALL my future 1-1 coaching groups. Yes, a 45% discount!

The first one is going to start around June (date to be confirmed) where I am going to spend 60 days with 20 people and build a business together with them from scratch.

We are going to replicate what I have done with one of my YouTube channels and create a 100% passive income machine which you can grow and develop as you wish.

I will be charging $1,000 per person for this service, but you will get a 45% discount if you choose to join the group!

Do not worry about the minor details about the training as you will be 100% hand held and coached along the way. Everything will be recorded so you can work at your own pace and I will do everything in my power over those 60 days to ensure you will see RESULTS!

More details will follow on that, obviously, I was just mentioning this to illustrate what kind of discount you will be getting as a "Thank You!"

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You guys are a great bunch of people and I really look forward to watching you grow, learn and become profitable online.

You are currently paying:
$24.95p/m = $300p/year!

Become a lifetime member and NEVER pay a monthly fee again!

** The lifetime membership includes the future content inside the Case Studies, Strategies, Live Webinars & Action Plan. The lifetime membership does NOT include access to any 1-1 coaching programs as these are obviously much more labour intensive but you will be eligible for a substantial discount for these 1-1 coaching programs as a thank you for being a lifetime member.


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