Copy a Proven Blueprint: Build a One Page Money Making Business!

Use a proven strategy which has been stripped to the basics, making it as simple and profitable as possible.

  • 100% Beginner Friendly & Simple To Implement
  • 100% FREE Traffic Source. No Paid Ads
  • 100% Scalable, Honest & Evergreen 
  • 100% One Time Payment. No Upsells/Upgrades
  • 100% Risk FREE & Money Back Guarantee!
  • 100% Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

100% Risk Free. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Honesty. Integrity. Transparency.

Keep it simple. We are going to show you an honest and down to earth strategy.

Use a strategy that you can be proud of because you know it has integrity.

Let us show you an open and transparent strategy. There are no ugly surprises.

If you are looking for automatic profits using a push-button-make-money-while-you-sleep-fake-software-piece-of-garbage, then you have come to the WRONG place & you can STOP right here!

Are you sick to death of low quality training modules and misleading sales pages?

If you are sick to death of buying shiny objects and misleading strategies which promise you easy commissions or unlimited traffic 24/7 then we have exactly what you need.

You are about to uncover one of the simplest and beginner friendly ways of building an online income with an honest business without any hype or misleading information.

There are NO OTOs/Upgrades.

ALL The training you need is included.



We do not have any additional upsells or "secret software" which you have to buy to make this training work. We HATE upsells. Everything you need is inside the members area!

Finally: You Will Get The Training You Deserve

Introducing: Simple Traffic Blueprint

We know you have been buying a lot of junk from ClickBank, JVZoo and Warrior+. We fully understand the frustration of buyer's remorse and the humiliation after spending $300+ on a crap piece of training.

Your frustration ends today:

  1. 1
    This is a proven and streamlined strategy which is easy to implement.
  2. 2
    This is 100% beginner friendly and you can be proud of this strategy. It is honest and genuine.
  3. 3
    This uses 100% FREE traffic which is scalable and EVERGREEN. You can truly be proud of this.

A Sample Of The Training Inside...

The following videos will give you an insight into our teaching style so you can see the value we are offering. All our lessons are over the shoulder so you can get real guidance!

Sample No.1: Introduction!
This is one out of over 30 step-by-step tutorials!

Sample No.2: Do you have what it takes?
This is one out of over 30 step-by-step tutorials!

What Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint?

Step 1

You choose one of our DFY niches, or find one of your own.

These are super easy to find and our training shows you every step.

Step 2

You create basic, simple but highly converting tutorial videos which you use to generate free traffic.

Don't worry, you will not be on camera.

Step 3

These videos generate FREE traffic to your squeeze page which will result in leads and sales.

All the steps are shown inside the training.

WARNING:  Philip's training cuts to the core, so do not come in with a lazy attitude.

Simple Traffic Blueprint is a step-by-step video based course designed to show you a streamlined, basic and practical way for you to generate traffic, leads and sales to your affiliate offers, squeeze pages and blog posts via YouTube.

No experience is needed here because the training inside The Simple Traffic Blueprint will guide you through the process. 

Also, don’t worry about what niche to pick or what product to promote, this is all covered inside the training. 

You are going to set up a simple traffic source using YouTube and filter the traffic to your own landing page. 

When traffic comes to your 1-Page website... collect the visitor's email and pass them to an affiliate offer where you make commissions.

You will also follow up with additional automated email marketing where you will generate more revenue.

But, don’t worry, you get a full overview of this strategy inside with over 30 tutorial videos!

100% Beginner Friendly: You do not need any experience to use this strategy. This is by far the simplest method for a beginner to generate traffic, leads and sales to their landing page.

Why This Training is Awesome!

100% Beginner Friendly & Quick

The Simple Traffic Blueprint has been made with beginners in mind to make it as easy to implement as possible.

You need NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE to use this strategy.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

There are over 30 step-by-step video tutorials which will guide you all the way from setting up your funnel to getting traffic to your landing pages!

Any beginner can follow these steps!

100% Support & Guidance

We do not leave our customers in the dark. You will have our FULL SUPPORT from day one.

If you encounter any frustration, delay or just need guidance we are here for you!

A Proven & Simple Strategy

We have stripped this strategy down to the core basics. There is no need to overcomplicate things!

Sometimes it is important to keep things simple. Simple works!

What People Are Saying About The Simple Traffic Blueprint

“I know how to build a website and how to make video but I could never figure out how to make money...”

- Bryan Toder

“This is a newbie friendly strategy designed to help you get traffic, leads and sales. It is to the point and easy to follow...”

- David Fortson

“If you are a total newbie then this is suited for you. You do not need any experience to use this strategy..."

- Mike Hynes

Get Started Right Away

We know you are different from the rest of the crowd because you are an action taker. So, click the link below and we will get started in 60 seconds!

A ONE-TIME Payment

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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What Others Think About The Simple Traffic Blueprint

“I currently use this strategy which is actively making sales and generating leads based on the Simple Traffic Blueprint strategy..."

- Garry Lynn Baker

“This strategy lives up to its name. It is a simple strategy that is specifically designed to help you drive traffic, leads and sales ..."

- Ken Furukawa
Philip Borrowman

Creator of The Simple Traffic Blueprint

About Philip:

"I got so sick of buying misleading systems and training modules!"

"I spent years trying to find something that was honest and simple to use but they always led me down a path where I had to spend more money and buy the next product."

"Either a product was a complete lie and I just got ripped off, or I purchased something which would only work if I 'upgraded' to the next service!"

"I got so frustrated that when I finally made it, I decided to show people how to make money online in a simple and honest way.

Are You Sick Of Failing Online?

We are certain you have wasted countless hours, precious weekends and a LOT of money to find a way to build an online business, right?

All you want is to find some kind of low cost strategy which you can use to generate traffic, leads and make recurring sales, right?

You are in luck because The Simple Traffic Blueprint is the answer to your concerns!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Buying hyped up shiny objects which promise you "easy money" but they are 100% misleading and you end up wasting $100s in the process!
  • Joining "mastermind groups" only to be presented by a simple Facebook group with no real guidance or help from the author!
  • Buying training modules which promise great results but the training inside is short, outdated and simply does not work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

What If I Get Stuck Or I Don't Understand What To Do?

What if I do not have time to complete the training?

Is there a money back guarantee?

Do I need additional services & upgrades to make this work?

How long does it take to make money?

Are there any upgrades/one-time-offers after I pay?

Do I have to be on camera and record myself?

Why Our Training Will Help You Make A Second Income Online!

We would like to take this chance to explain why our training will help you generate a second income online.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint is for 2 types of people.

The first type of person... someone who is brand new to the idea of making money online.

Someone with no experience and who is looking for a high quality training module to teach them a proven strategy which is quick and easy to implement. 

Perhaps they have heard of others making money online and they want to see if they can do the same. The likelihood is they have no idea how all the pieces fit together and they want some proper guidance.

The second kind of person... someone who does have some experience online. Perhaps they have tried a variety of online opportunities, they may even have a website, but they are not yet achieving the income they want or which they feel they deserve.

Regardless of which person you are, The Simple Traffic Blueprint is the answer. The strategy inside is a basic one but it works, that simple.

This means that any marketer, regardless of experience level, can leverage this method quickly & easily and it comes at the price of a pub lunch.

You will be leveraging a free traffic source and using a 1-page website to generate traffic, leads and sales in a 3-step process without any complicated steps.

This strategy is streamlined, barebone and is incredibly effective.

If you are brand new, this is a great way to start but if you have some experience then this is even easier to implement and use to generate more business and sales.

All that is left for you to do is to click the link below and jump inside the member's area.

It has never been easier and more accessible for an average Joe to build an online business from their home with minimal resources, skill set or prior knowledge.

More people are making money online right now than anytime in history and that is because everything is user friendly and simple now, but most people are not aware of this.

Long gone are the days of HTML coding, geeky computer nerds and complicated integrations. These days everything is drag and drop and very simple to start.

This means an average Joe, like you, can get started right away without any risk.

Also, to make this 100% risk free for you, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This means you literally have no reason not to give this a try and find out if your curiosity was correct.

You can find out in less than 60 seconds…

So, click the link below and jump inside the members area and get started right now.

Get Started Right Away

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not happy then let us know and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked. We are that confident you will love our training.


ONE-TIME Payment

  • 100% Beginner Friendly & Simple To Implement
  • 100% FREE Traffic Source. No Paid Ads
  • 100% Scalable, Honest & Evergreen 
  • 100% One Time Payment. NO Upsells/Upgrades
  • 100% Risk FREE & Money Back Guarantee!
  • 100% Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

P.S.: "I know you are sceptical because you have been burnt time and time again by fake gurus and so called "secret, untapped methods". However, please take a leap of faith here and realise that this is something different. This is the start of a new journey for you."

- Philip Borrowman (Creator of The Simple Traffic Blueprint)


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