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More concise, more action orientated, more resources, fresh case studies, interactive checklists, and you can watch me build a money making business from scratch using the exact action plan I am re-creating in front of your very eyes... and TAO will.... it will.... it will just be BETTER!

TAO 3.0 works TOGETHER in harmony with

The Simple SEO Blueprint & The Simple Traffic Blueprint.

“I am re-shooting ALL the tutorials to update them, re-work them to help YOU move forward. I have had a lot of customer feedback and questions and I will use them as guidelines to help make TAO better.”

Completion Date: The 8th April 2021...


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...even though the completion date is on the 8th April, I will be rolling out fresh modules step by step. So YOU can watch everything develop right in front of you.

I am rebuilding everything inside Taking Action Online with a streamlined and congruent action plan. This action plan will follow my journey as I build a completely fresh business from scratch using the Action Plan itself.

You will watch me pick a niche, build a website, generate traffic and make sales in a seamless Action Plan you can follow along with.

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As a special treat and a way to commemorate 2.5 years of Taking Action Online, I am offering a one time payment lifetime membership for the first 500 people who wants to join instead of paying the normal $47/m price.

Once the 8th April comes, or we sell 500 copies, TAO will once again return to a monthly fee.

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