Welcome To The Nomad Group!

Your life is about to change!

Please complete the tasks below before you proceed. These are very important, and you will not be able to continue until you have completed them.

I will unlock the training when you have finished all these steps.

This ensures you proceed in the most efficient way.

Too busy right now? No worries, bookmark this page and come back later to complete the steps.

Finish all 4 steps to unlock next part of training.


Watch this video from Frank Kern. Watch every single second... then message me and tell me the magic word and the magic power he talks about.

Email me the magic word and the magic power. If you arrived via the ATB training, I still want you to watch this video again.


Add me on Skype & Facebook!

I want you to add me on Skype and then accept my invite to join the Skype announcement board. This is where training announcements are made. Don't have Skype? Get it! It is free.

My Skype ID = philip.borrowman (you can also search for me and find me)

Click here to join Skype

Click here to friend me on Facebook


Schedule A Skype Call!

Schedule a call using the booking form.  Click here

You do NOT need to impress me or have any prior experience. I just want to get to know you. 

I will also give you a rundown of the training so you can get started in the most effective way.

I'm a regular guy. I just wanna give you a clear overview of the strategy. 

I don't bite and you have nothing to be nervous about.


Finished all these steps?

Depending on what time it is, I will accept you into the FB group immediatly and I would like you to introduce yourself. 

Tell everyone who you are and what you hope to achieve online.

What next??

Well, now you have to wait for me to get back to you. I will reply ASAP! (the only time I am not on my computer is when I am asleep or in the bath). However, please keep in mind I am in the UK.

I look forward to our Skype call so I can unlock all the training for you.

This is going to be SUPER exciting!

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